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Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons

Professor Damon-Bach ENL110 Foundations of Library Research

Fall 2021

Analyze Your Research Needs

  • Your assignment is to write a research essay that analyzes writing conventions in your major or future profession. 

    • To do this, you'll look at the genre used most in the major/profession. 

    • Examples of genres:

      • monographs

      • scholarly journal

      • trade journal

      • professional journal

      • grant proposals

      • blog post

      • newspaper article

  • Library research will help you complete this assignment by providing:

    • Books that are "how to" guides 

    • Books written by professionals in the field

    • Professional journals

    • Trade journals

  • Begin by listing key words for your search:

    • the name of your major/profession

    • terms like "writing," 'memorandum," "technical report," "grant applications,' etc.