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Tell Me Who You Are Library Guide

First Year Reading Experience

How to Use this List

  • Tell Me Who You Are introduces an incredibly rich array of concepts and tools for understanding all aspects of race and racism in the US.
  • Below is the list of sources presented at the end of the book, linking to web sites and, where possible, titles owned by Berry Library.
    • The sources represent varied types of publications: web sites, blogs, news articles, journal articles, and books.
    • They cover popular, scholarly, and journalistic sources.
  • Read through the sources on the list to dig deeper into parts of the book that interest you.
    • This reading will provide background information for your paper.
      • Use key words from these articles to find your own sources in the Berry Library databases.

Introduction Source List

Chapter 1: Race Impacts Everything - Source List


Chapter Two: The Past Is the Present - Source List

Chapter Three: Our Richness, Race, and Beyond - Source List




Chapter Four: Our Best Friends Are Still Strangers - Source List

Chapter Five: The Words We Use Matter - Source List

Chapter Six - We Need to Stop Fighting Among Ourselves - Source List

Chapter Seven: We Are All 'Normal' - Source List

Chapter Eight: Diversity Is Not the Goal - Source List


Chapter Nine: If You Want To Help, Heal - Source List