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Nixon: ENL330 Short Story Library Research

Your Assignment


  • The "Short Papers" Assignment (from the ENL330 Syllabus)
    • "There will be two short typed papers (four pages each) on the craft/elements of fiction. 
    • Choose any two topics from the following (but you can write only once on each area): 
      • language
      • style
      • characters
      • characterization
      • plot
      • story
      • setting
      • theme
      • imagery
      • symbol
      • irony
    • Please read Appendix Four, "Writing about Short Stories" (1265-1298).
    • Become familiar with Appendix Five, the "Glossary of Literary Terms" (1299-1307), which you will be expected to know and use in our discussion, in your writing exercises, on your essays and on the final examination. 
    • All of the information in the paper must be your own work. 
    • While your papers might reflect insights gained from outside reading, that information must be correctly documented using the MLA format. 
    • I encourage you to consult the Commentary and Casebooks ar the back of the textbook for assistance on your reading, interpretation of the short stories, quizzes, short papers, and exam."
  • What would you use Berry Library resources for?
    • All of the information in your paper must be your own ideas and arguments. 
      • However, you might gain insights from "outside reading."
        • This means from literary criticisms and analyses published scholarly journals and possibly, books.
  • What about citing sources?
    • Any insights you gain from reading the appendices in your text Short Story and Its Writer and from other critical articles and books must be correctly documented in the MLA format.

Your Text: The Short Story and Its Writer