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Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons

Carlin: ENL110

Persuasion Paper March 2022

Let's Review Your Persuasion Paper Assignment


  • Let's review your assignment (Source: Carlin, Persuasion Paper Assignment)
    • State your claim/position (informed opinion on a topic. 
      • Support your claim with reasonable, factual arguments, citing specific evidence and examples.
      • Balance your paper by addressing any potential counterarguments to your position.
    • You are required to find and use a minimum of 3 current sources (no older than 2016) from library databases.
  • You must include a MLA-style Works Cited page listing your sources. 
  • You can argue for or against the following topics:
    • Censorship (of music, the Internet, news photos, television, etc.)
    • Government-financed deep space exploration, including potential mining rights 
    • Guns in schools
    • Should humans ever be allowed to be cloned?
    • Should drones continue to be used to assassinate enemies in warfare?
    • Should drones remain available to consumers?
      • Why or why not?
    • Should public college education be free?
    • Should juveniles who murder be treated as adults?
    • Should the government regulate unhealthy foods?
    • Should the police be required to wear body cameras when on duty?
    • Should the lobbying of members of Congress be abolished?