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Making Bibliographies in MLA Format with EndNote

Getting Citations into EndNote Basic

Step One

Before proceeding, create an EndNote Basic account as shown in the page "Using EndNote Basic."

Then, come back to this page!

All Berry Library databases have an "export" function that will send citations to EndNote Basic. 

  • Begin with searching a database and finding a citation for an article you would like to include in your paper.
  • Begin at the Library home page,


Step Two

  • In the list of databases that appears, click "Academic Search Complete." This example shows me clicking on the quick link on the right side of the screen:


Step Three (For searching from off-campus)

  • If you're searching from off-campus, you will have to put your Salem State credential into the Proxy Server.
  • If you're on campus, you will not be asked to do this. 
  • You will go directly into the database.


Step Five

  • Once your database opens (in my case, Academic Search Complete) enter your search terms.
  • I began with "happiness" and the database suggested a way to add to it:


Step Six

  • I got these results. I looked at the first citation:

Step  Seven

  • This is a close up of the citation. 
  • I want to get it into EndNote Basic.
  • So, I go to the "Export" link on the right side of the citation:

Step Eight

  • Find "Export" on the right side of the screen.
  • Click it

Step Nine

  • Fill out the drop down form that appears exactly as this shows.
  • This moves your citation to a file on your computer called RIS.txt.
  • When you go into EndNote Basic, you will upload this file.

Step Ten

  • Open EndNote Basic.
  • Go to "Import" to import the file you've just exported from Academic Search Complete.


  • Your citations are now in EndNote Basic.
  • Go to "Step Two" in the accompanying page "Using EndNote Basic" to create a folder, moving references into it, and creating a bibliography.