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Taylor: ENL109 & ENL110 Foundations of Library Research

Guide for Professor Ann Taylor's Classes Spring 2022

Step #1: Search Tips for Researching ENL109/ENL110 Writing Subjects

  • Your research subjects make sense for you within the context of your English classes ENL109 and ENL110.
  • The key word you developed on the Search Strategies Worksheet are indeed critical to use. 
  • However, in the broader universe that the following databases cover, it is very possible that researching a single term like "exposition" or "transitions" will result in lists of citations not only pertaining to writing, but also to marketing of products and life changes. 
  • To avoid retrieving too many "false hits," construct Boolean searches of your subject AND modifiers like "writing," "composition," or "language arts."
    • For instance:
      • drafting and writing
      • drafting and composition
      • drafting and "language arts"
  • Tip: Enter searches in the "Advanced Search" feature. This will provide a template for Boolean searches (AND, OR, and NOT).

Sneak Preview: Searching for "revising" in Academic Search Premier

  • Enter the "Academic Search Premier" database
  • Go to "Advanced Search"




  • Begin entering your key word "revising." 
  • Notice how the database itself suggests more alternate terms. Some include the modifying term "writing." 
  • Let's key "revising writing" in the search box.
  • Note how we put "quotation marks" around the phrase "revising writing."

  • This is a close up of search results. 
  • Each of the hyperlinked titles in blue denotes a separate article. 
  • Notice how each article focuses on a different aspect/application of revising. 
  • These are aimed at prospective teachers. Others in the list are more general. 

Step #2: Let's Do This! Choose a Database Collection, Enter Your SSU Creds in the Proxy Server, Go to "Advanced Search," and Enter Key Words (Remember to include something that indicates "writing" or composition")