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Taylor: ENL109 & ENL110 Foundations of Library Research

Guide for Professor Ann Taylor's Classes Fall 2020

Analyze Your Research Needs


  • What is your assignment? 
    • "Course will also include a brief research project focusing on the subject of writing itself preparing students for longer, more complicated research projects." (from Course Description on page one of the syllabus)
    • "This is a short writing project (usually about four pages), involving finding and summarizing three sources on their chosen subject." (email from Professor Taylor) 
  • What types of information sources does Professor Taylor want you to find? 
    • "Find three sources on your chosen subject." (from Week #11 in the syllabus)
  • What does "three sources on your chosen subject" mean?
    • Well, the paper is about four pages long.
    • This suggests that you will look for journal articles about your subject, rather than books.
    • You can use parts of three articles successfully in a four page paper. 
      • You will not have too much or too little information.

Select a Research Subject

  • What is your research subject?
  • Suggestions by Professor Taylor:
    • exposition
    • argumentation
    • patterns of organization
    • developing a thesis (identifying a purpose)
    • introduction
    • conclusion
    • drafting
    • revising
    • transitions
    • usage
    • grammatical correctness
    • gender pronouns
    • sentences (correctness, types, quality)
    • diction (word choice)
    • cliches
    • tone
    • verbs, verb tense
    • spelling
    • reading like a writer
    • proof-reading

Construct a Search Strategy

Student Search Strategy Worksheet