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Veteran Scholars SPC 101A & HST 107: Persuasive Speech: Finding Resources

History in Dispute from the Gale Virtual Reference Library

History in Dispute is a set of books within the Gale Virtual Reference Library.  To see them, click on the Gale Virtual Reference Library link below.  Click on History in the column on the left.  Scroll down until you see the 21gray and blue volumes of History in Dispute.

Hover over each volume to read it's name and number.  The volumes are arranged in reverse numerical order, so that volume 21 is the first.  Find the volume in which your preferred topic is, click on it and scroll down the list of topics until you find yours.  Click on the title and read the entry.  Entries may be saved, printed, e-mailed or listened to.


Journal Articles

Search the databases found on the links below for academic journal articles on your topic.

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