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iPad @ SSU Library: Home

A user's guide to the Library's iPad and other information about Apple iPad.

Welcome / User Survey

 Welcome to our iPad LibGuide.  Find information about borrowing the iPad, how to use it once you have borrowed it, as well as info about Apps and other resources related to the Apple iPad.


Borrowing the iPad?  Please take our short, anonymous user survey!

Your feedback is crucial to the development and success of new initiatives like the iPad at the SSU Library. Thank you!


iPad User Survey



 eReaders @ SSU Library - Pilot Project

The main purpose of this pilot project is to provide the SSU community with access to emerging eBook, eReader, and information technologies.  The project also provides an opportunity to increase access to high demand titles and popular reads.  (In the case of the iPad, it also opens up the possibility of providing access to Apps.) 

Why the iPad?  The iPad is much more than an eReader device, it is a tablet.  (The library already loans laptops, so the iPad is an appropriate addition in this regard as well).  Through the iBooks App the iPad is able to function as an eReader.  Like any technology today, the eReader market is constantly changing.  The eReader pilot project enables the library to explore various devices and formats.  Circulation stats, user feedback, ongoing costs, and academic publishing trends will be monitored.