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SPN 415 Spanish Civilization and Culture (Serra): Home

The SSU Library Collection

The library collection at SSU is similar to most academic collections, and, like them, may be understood in terms of two major pairs of categories:




The first pair relates to when and how materials are published; the second, to the way that you will access and handle them.


Monographs are what we usually think of as "books." They tend to be by a single author, on a single subject, and are published in one go.

Serials are what we usually think of as magazines, newspapers, and journals. These are published on a recurring basis--periodically, which is why we also call them periodicals--and almost always include multiple pieces of writing, by multiple authors, on more than one subject.

Both monographs and serials can be published in print or electronically.

You will use different systems to search for monographs and serials. To find monographs (books), use the ONLINE CATALOG. To find articles (published in serials), use the library's ONLINE DATABASES. While there is one catalog that can be used to search for all books, the library has a number of different databases that cover different subjects. Because of this, when you are searching for articles, it is important to know which database to use: if you are researching an education topic, use an education database. There are some multi-disciplinary databases that can work well for many purposes, and which can be a good place to start when you are new to database searching. The most frequently used of these is Academic Search Premier, which will give you both popular and scholarly articles from a broad range of disciplines.

POPULAR and SCHOLARLY are also a major opposition that can help you think about what the library has. See the next tab of the LibGuide for more information about what those categories mean.

Access the Library from Home

Use your Salem State username and password to log in to library databases, periodicals, and ebooks from home, even when the physical library is closed.

Don't know your username and password? Log in to Navigator to reset your password. For more information, see Information Technology Services.