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ART 332A: Art of the Modern World (Sinnett): Launch-Explore-Respond-Reflect

A guide to help students with research in Professor Sinnett's ART 332: Art of the Modern World Class.


1. Who's your artist?  Where can you look to find more information? The PEM? The Web? The Library?

Ex: If you were being attacked by Zombies what would you do?


2. Is there a book, video or article that could help provide some background and context for your artist and their work?

Define your search/research -- read, review, put it together.

Ex: Your being attacked.  Now what?


3. Put it all together.  Interact and integrate.  Put all the images similar to the one you chose together.  Pull the past, the present, the description and other pictures together.  Any videos?  Use them.  You're a pro.

Ex: The zombies are here and you know what to do.  You have the tools to counterattack, the antidote and the feet to run!


4. Reflect on an experience when you needed information and found the information you needed then summarize the information you found and free write

How would  your behavior and your strategy change? Was one source enough? Why did you choose to stop searching? How did you use the information you found? What were the challenges you faced?

Ex: If zombies attacked again, what would you do dofferently?

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