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ENL 110: Foundations of Writing (Carlin): Home & Citation Help

Topic ideas

You can argue for or against one of these topics, or discuss your own ideas with me:

Censorship (of music, the Internet, news photos, military information, etc.)

Government-Financed Deep Space Exploration

Guns in Schools


Drone Warfare

Drones in Retail

Free public college education 

Normalizing relations with Cuba

Should juveniles who murder be treated as adults

Government regulation of unhealthy foods

Militarization of police forces

Regulating lobbying

Finding Citation Help


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Welcome to the online research guide for Professor Carlin's ENL 110 - Foundations of Writing course. This guide will give you access to the library resources you will need to use to complete your persuasion paper assignment for the class.

How to access library resources


Your Clipper Card is your library card!  Use it to check out books, request items from other libraries, photocopy and print!

Visit the Library Catalog

Databases/Electronic Resources

On campus you will have instant access to the library's databases and other electronic resources.  When accessing these materials from off-campus you will be asked to log-in using your Navigator/wireless network username and password.

Visit the library's Database Page

Why Proper Citation is Important!


·         If you do not cite properly, you are claiming someone else’s work as your own.  Whether intentional or not, this is plagiarism.  By citing someone’s work you acknowledge and respect their intellectual property rights.

·         Your list of works cited helps someone reading your paper learn more about your topic by seeing the original sources you used for your research.

·         How scholarly your paper is and how knowledgeable you are on your topic is shown in the citations you include in your writing.  Citations can reflect support for a point you are trying to make, therefore adding credibility to your arguments.  They make your writing more persuasive.

·         Citations, as long as they are relevant, reflect how deeply you have researched your topic.  They are an indicator of your effort.


General Research Guide.  Paul J. Gutman Library at Philadelphia University. 3 March 2008.

Subject Guide

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