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Online Matching Service for Home Owners and Contractors: NAICS/SIC Codes

NAICS and SIC Codes

  • NAICS codes (North American Industry Classification System) are keys to government data and company listings. Codes can be from two to six digits. 
  • Older US sources and some commercial databases still use SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes.
  • Why do you need a NAICS code?
    • Census databases organize industry data by NAICS codes. 
    • Without the NAICS code, you will not be able to find data.



Possible NAICS Codes:


812990 All Other Personal Services

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing personal services (except personal care services, death care services, drycleaning and laundry services, pet care services, photofinishing services, or parking space and/or valet parking services).

Dating services are classified here.


517110 Wired Telecommunications Carriers

Angie's List and HomeAdvisor, Inc. are classified here.

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in operating and/or providing access to transmission facilities and infrastructure that they own and/or lease for the transmission of voice, data, text, sound, and video using wired telecommunications networks. Transmission facilities may be based on a single technology or a combination of technologies. Establishments in this industry use the wired telecommunications network facilities that they operate to provide a variety of services, such as wired telephony services, including VoIP services; wired (cable) audio and video programming distribution; and wired broadband Internet services. By exception, establishments providing satellite television distribution services using facilities and infrastructure that they operate are included in this industry.

Illustrative Examples:

Broadband Internet service providers, wired (e.g. cable, DSL)
Local telephone carriers, wired
Cable television distribution services
Long-distance telephone carriers, wired
Closed circuit television (CCTV) services
VoIP service providers, using own operated wired telecommunications infrastructure
Direct-to-home satellite system (DTH) services
Telecommunications carriers, wired
Satellite television distribution systems
Multichannel multipoint distribution services (MMDS)