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BIO 301: Conservation Biology: Microsoft Word Track Changes

What is Track Changes?

See changes made to your Microsoft Word documents.  You can track and review who and what changes has been made.  Track changes is great when collaborating with several people on a document.

Tracking Changes

Turn on Tracking

1. Select the REVIEW tab on the Ribbon

2. Select Track Changes. Any changes made to the document will now show up in a different color.

3. Edit the document.  Any changes that you make appear underlined and in color.  Microsoft Word marks the deleted text with a strikethrough.

Reviewing Changes

After changes have been made to your document, you then have the option of determing whether to accept or reject those changes.

1. Click on the REVIEW tab on the Ribbon.

2. Click the Reviewing Pane button.  The Reviewing Pane opens, showing each person's edits, including user's name and when they added any edits and comments.

3. Use the ACCEPT button to add the changes to the final document.  The REJECT button discards changes.

4. Click the TRACK CHANGES button to turn track changes off.