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BIO 301: Conservation Biology: Find Books and More!

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To request items in the library catalog, provide your library card number on the back of your Clipper Card with your pin number (Come to the Circulation Desk and ask for a pin number).


Common Call Numbers

Biology/Natural History - QH

Botany - QK

Zoology - QL

Human Anatomy - QM

Physiology - QP

Microbiology - QR

Plant Culture - SB

Forestry - SD

Animal Culture - SF

Aquaculture - SH

Some useful Reference Materials to help you start your research

Title Call Number
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology REF Q 121. M3. 2002. Vol 1-20.
Scientific American Science Desk Reference REF Q 173. S427. 1999.
Encyclopedia of Evolution REF QH 360.2. E54. 2002. Vol 1-2.
The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Botany REF QK 9. C67. 1992.

Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia

REF QL 7. G7813. 2004. Vol 1-17.
Endangered Species REF QL 83. N35 1999. Vol. 1-3.

Mammals Species of the World: a taxonomic and geographic reference

REF QL 708. M35. 2005. Vol 1-2.
Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior

REF QL 750.3. E53. 2004. Vol 1-3.

Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology REF QP 512. O94. 2000.