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MKT 445: International Marketing Fall 2016: Key Sources: Retrieving Full-Text Articles


  • While the Library databases provide a high ratio of full-text articles to citations, there will be times when the article you wish to read is not available in full-text in the database in which you are searching.
  • Don't let the absence of full-text limit your research. 
  • If you need to find an article that does not appear to be full-text, consult the "Periodicals/E-Book Directory" to see 
    • a) if another database contains the journal 
    • b) if the article is available in the full-text in that database 


Contact Nancy Dennis, Business & Economics Librarian,, for further assistance.

The Periodicals/E-Books Directory

  • Click the link for the "Periodicals/E-Book Directory" search interface.
  • Enter the name of the journal that contains the article you wish to read. 
  • Note: this is not the same as the article title. 
  • Sometimes, the journal is referred to as "source" in a database.
  • Click "Search."
  • The system will tell which database(s) contain the journal, the dates covered, and any special conditions. Sometimes, there are "embargos" on journals published within the past year.
  • The system will not indicate which database(s) have the full-text of the journal.
  • By trial and error, explore indicated databases to see which has the full-text of the article you wish to read.