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Legal and Ethical Environment of Business: How to Find Periodical Articles

Step One: Formulate a Search Strategy

  • What are 2-3 keywords that best describe your topic?
  • Are there alternate ways your topic might be expressed?
  • Are there any commonly-used phrases? 
  • Can you describe, in one or two sentences, exactly what you are looking for?

Step Two: Search for Your Topic in a Library Database:

  • At the Salem State University Library home page, click "Find Articles and More."
  • This opens the page "Databases - Find Articles, Statistics, E-Books, Periodicals. 
  • Scroll to "Databases by Name," A-Z, or "Databases by Subject - Business and Economics."
Choose one of the following databases: 

Step Three: Evaluate Results

  • Scrutinize the list of articles that appear when you execute your search.
  • Which most closely describe your topic?
    • Read these first.
  • Look at the subject headings/descriptors in the citation for articles you especially like. 
    • Clicking on these will lead to additional relevant articles. 

Step Four: Revise Your Search

  • If you do not like the articles you have retrieved, consider revising your search strategy and/or choice of databases. 
  • Try your search again in another database. 
  • Use synonyms in place of some of your keywords.