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Literature in English: General Resources

English literature, American literature, and world literature in English

General Resources

The books and websites featured here do not focus on one time period, genre or literary form. They are general, and useful to all scholars of literature in English.


If you'd like to browse our collection, check out these sections.

  • PE (English Language)
  • PN (general and comparative literature)
  • PR (English literature)
  • PS (American Literature) 


SSC Library subscribes to hunderds of journals on language and literature. To see a list of our holdings (both print and electronic) please visit the E-Journal Portal.

Primary Source Databases

These databases give full text access to English printed materials: books, broadsides, newspapers, etc. The material comes from Great Britian and America.

Resources on Research

These publications by the Modern Language Association (MLA) are useful for all aspecs of the research process, from choosing sources to citation and publication.

Online Resources

These sites cover multiple eras and genres.

Primary Source Websites

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